Verici Mektupları

Dear Donor,

   I call you that way because i even don’t know your name.You gave life to my son.You became a light,a hope in our darker days…

   He was only 2 months when he was admitted to hospital.Injections,medicines, veins doctors couldn’t fınd were our new life.It was so tough to me as a mother to be helpless to my son.

   He was only 4,5 kg at 1 year  old,his body was  tired of this 1 year  treatment.Your blood came to us the night of the 27 th of  february  2013.Although ıt was difficult ,everything  gone  well…His body changes skin and nails..He has all through his body your cells which matched %100.

    Now he is 3 and a half..He is safe, alive and healthy.He will soon start school.All this,thanks to you.We don’t know what to say.Words are not enough strong to tell our gratitude.You gave him a second life and to us the world…

     He is now as much your son as he is mine.Nothing can be done to the good you made to us unless my family and my endless thanks…JJJ

                                                                      His mother

Verici Hasta Mektupları

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